Nurture Your Body & Soul In Chilly Autumn

This is my favorite Self-Care method and I am SO excited to share it with you!
You are going to love this, my friend ♥

If you are one of those persons who easily suffer from coldness, this is an especially perfect treatment ffor these cold autumn days and during winter.

It`s Ayurveda self-massage, called; abhyanga.
Luxurious and balancing full body warm oil massage.

It is the most relaxing and balancing self-treatment which I know exists!
It moves stress and toxins from your body and mind and keeps you warm for hours.
It calms the nervous system and therefore it is a perfect treatment to highly sensitive persons or if you feel the stress of a busy life! (like we all do at time to time)

It has been said that abhyanga is like an “experience of being loved” and I really do sign it. What could be the better way to show compassion for yourself than this beautiful balancing treat?

In my country, Finland, winters are cold and I especially enjoy this treatment during autumn and winter, I highly recommend to take this to your morning routines, it will take about half an hour to do it.

If you are not able to do it every morning – as I understand that most of us don`t – make it regular like every other day or third and that is when you will find the best results and benefits from this nurturing massage.

Sometimes we think that we don`t have time to do things, but think about that taking care of yourself is where everything good rises in your life.
When I fall into a trap ” I don`t have time” I remind myself:
If  I don`t have time to enjoy my life and do what makes me happy and healthy – what is the point of my life then?


Massage your body about a 15 -20 minutes.
Make the moment rush free, light some candles to lift up your spirit and use warm room.
You can choose a Dosha Oils which have specific ayurvedic herbs for your own dosha or for example, I use a coconut oil and sometimes i put a few drops of essential oils with it.

Pour the quantity you need oil into a cup and heat it in the hot water container. Oil should be comfortably warm and not hot.
Take a shower after the massage.


But shampoo on your dry hair, it will remove oil better after the massage.
Whats the video below for step by step introduction to the massage and learn more about your Dosha here.





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