I think there`s nothing more important work in life than working the issues that make you doubt your self-worth. When we are not comfortable with ourselves and feel that we are worthy of love and respect we make our lives unnecessary hard. It`s not working then. The life I mean. It`s not working before we really learn to love ourselves and face those fears and bring them to daylight. In Finland we say “raise the cat on the table” and it means that it`s time to stop hiding and face the things we need to face and deal them. Heal them. It`s so controversial to live with this body and mind and not to accept it. It`s crazy and we always know it at some level. We should love and appreciate our bodies and who we are at the deepest level!  `cause through it – we experience this amazing journey of life. And the quality of your life is depending on how you feel about yourself.

And you got everything you need already inside of you to make that shift. To heal yourself. I`m 100% sure you can make a radical change in you and it will change your life.



So, hello there, how great to have you here, I`m Hannele!

My story is no different than many others. I believe we humans – we are more alike than we are not. I`ve struggled in all areas of my life `cause I didn`t love myself. I`ve dealt periods of depression over a decade going around a circle wishing I’ve made progress only to come back to where I started and ending up being more angrier and disappointed with myself. I`m exactly that ordinary little town girl who thought that ” it`s not me” who will make the change that I`m somehow doomed to suffer all my life. ( how typical! )

My love for creativity and passion for life and all the beautiful things was what get me through the other side. I wanted more from life, I wanted to really truly LIVE a great life with the authentic approach. I`ve never been able to settle for ordinary and I became determined to find a way to learn to love and accept myself. I think life is amazing and I wanted to be able to enjoy all aspects of it – not only the good times but all of it.

I`ve learned to understand that life is about good and bad and both are kind of good at the end. I’ve learned to forgive myself and let myself to feel all kind of emotions, to be overwhelmed, angry or disappointed without judging myself and making it a big deal. Before I learn that I thought had to get rid of these emotions to be able to love myself. Today I know better. Today I know that it`s all about how you manage the feelings. Do they control you or do you control them?

I`m grateful. I`m grateful for everything in life. When you go deep enough and climb up from there – you go higher than you can ever imagine! You go higher than average. And now, I’m here to share what I’ve learned. I want to inspire you to learn to love yourself and transform your life. `cause there`s absolutely nothing wrong with you!





I  have three children age of 14, 16 and 4 and the sweetest and most loving man i could ask for.  We live in a small town on a countryside in Finland.


I`m a Youth Instructor, Photographer, and Style & makeup artist. I`ve been entrepreneur over 10 years and can`t think of being anything else. I’ve had my own Nail-Studio and a Webshop. 


I`m a seeker of all things beautiful. I believe that beauty heals. I seek beauty within me, but I also love beautiful clothes, perfumes and decorate my home.


I love to photograph nature, It`s when I really lost the track of time. I love sauna ( this is how I relax! …sauna is a very traditional thing in my country) and I can`t imagine life without sitting on my terrace having a cup of coffee outside just listening and watching birds. Meditation and simplifying life from anything extra. I`m a highly sensitive person – slowing down and knowing what`s good for me is essential!


Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic,  Brené Brown The Gifts of Imperfection, Iyanla Vanzant trust.


Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”