Stop Finding Happiness And Start To Live

Are you sometimes feeling low `cause you never seem to catch that valued happiness which people are telling you to go find everywhere you put your eyes to these days?  Searching happiness has become a word of our time and anywhere you look, especially on social media, you bang into all kind of signs, words, and quotes which will tell you to go find your passion, build your dream life and live happily ever after.

Behind all the hustle around this word “happiness” it can make as many people unhappy as it helps someone to find it” and if you don`t have the right attitude to protect your back you can become more anxious about social media than be inspired by it and start to feel less or dissatisfied.


First, we have to get real about the truth that all of those photos and moments are not all the truth out there – we humans tend to believe what we see, but you and I know that this is not true on social media.

Secondly, accept and find your peace with the idea behind it. It`s about inspiring others and sharing your art, vision, and voice and it`s okay to share beautiful photos and moments rather than something ugly and how sad it would be if everyone in the world would suddenly just stop sharing anything and who would open their computers if it would be full of only the bad stuff.


When we try too hard to find happiness it`s many times cause we hold an idea in our head how happiness should look like and then we think that it`s not possible for us and that`s the ultimate reason for feeling unhappy.
You see, life is sometimes WONDERFUL – full of happiness and joy and sometimes awful – bringing all kinds of obstacles to your way. It will give you adventures and challenges to feel all kind of feelings as you walk your way forward and if you are a very sensitive person like me, you will most likely feel and notice the difference between these feelings more deeply.


Let go of the “idea of happiness”, forget the whole word. You’ll be fine ♥ Let go of comparing your life to this word.  Just LIVE through the good times and pad times accepting them both and take the opportunities to learn, love, laugh and cry and sometimes in between just live the most ordinary everyday life.

It`s so easy to feel unworthy and less when you scroll over the Instagram and see all of those perfect pictures, happy couples, happy family moments, and people traveling and seeing the beautiful world …and there you are in your little town and cozy home and you think you will never going to truly LIVE. Sounds familiar? Now STOP completely `cause that is the only reason that blocks you to live your life. Life is everywhere and it`s in you and around you. You just have to stop finding the happiness and LIVE.