Our mind and body are partners. How you think affects your body and how you use and treat your body affects your mind. When you are feeling down or week and even depressed it seems like the hardest thing to do is, to get out of that state by using your mind, positive thinking or willpower, but that is at many times the only thing we try to do and we often forget that there are more ways to get mentally stronger. Today I share two ways to use your body to get you more balance with yourself and have a confidence boost.


When you are really happy and feeling like a winner, it`s natural to take your hands up and open to show the world how you feel ( see the picture above). But what is exciting about this is, that even people who are born blind use this exact same body language when they win or feel powerfully happy and not only that but, even monkeys use it too – quite amazing? 😊

This proves how deeply in our DNA this body language is connected to the feeling of happiness and it works also the other way around – what you can do is, to use it to “cheat yourself ” to feel better!

By raising your hands up and open your body literally sends signals and tells your mind to feel more positive and it makes you automatically feel happier and self-confident. You can try it right away – just lift your hands up and notice how you immediately feel better and how hard it is to feel totally unhappy when you are standing in this position?

You can use this for your advanced for example, in situations when you need to feel more confident like when you are going to speak for audience or job interview. Find a private place (like a toilet) and stand about two minutes in this position and you get immediate results or just use it to cut spiral of negative thinking to get yourself feeling better – i know it’s a little bit funny to do,  but it really works.


It has been studied that when you have strong muscles, especially in your legs/thighs it creates a stronger mind and mental health.

Now, don`t over think this, you don`t need to become a fitness guru, You can just start doing something, even 15 minutes every other day can give you results. What if that is exactly enough to help you get of the negative circle? What if,  it creates exactly enough strenght to shift things around. It can be the game changer.

Isn’t it a fabulous to know that just by moving your body you are actually making your mind stronger! By moving your body you will not only get results right away ( you feel refreshed and good about yourself right after) but you also get results in the long run as you grow bigger muscles. Use your body – let it help you to get you back on track again – it can be that one little thing that finally made you change things for the better ♥