What Is Your Life Philosophy or How To Make One

If people ask you what is it what you stand for in life – do you know what to answer them instantly? What is your life philosophy? If you have never stop and think about it or write it down – I don`t think you are reading this by accident – I think it`s time for you to make one!

Why? `cause life lived by PASSION, intuitively and mightily – needs a strong FOCUS and when you have a personal life philosophy it`s like it clears your head and life from all the dust that you don`t need to focus on. Your life is more simple, decisions are made in ease AND your life becomes meaningful – I’d say – forget the rest!

Forget the rest?

When I was growing and learning to become a photographer, every now and then I came across photographers who were very strict about not wanting to restrict themselves as a photographer. They were more annoyed by the idea that they should develop a style that limits them. While that is okay too if you want to become a known and valued for something you will need to develop a style / a philosophy for yourself and gather your life around it. The greatest human desire is to become remembered and history of humankind is full of examples of it. Just think about all of the incredible statues and monuments that the kings of humankind have made trying to remain immortal? …and it`s even more than that, your life philosophy is something that brings more value to the world and other people’s lives.


So do not ever be ashamed of wanting to be remembered or deeply valued.


Would you like to make this one the best that you have ever lived? Would you like to develop a one of a kind of life? Then you will need to FOCUS on something. You will need to stop wanting it all and decide what is it that you feel most passionate about. The more specific your life philosophy is and the more you put it into practice – you will live a more meaningful life and living a meaningful life means you live purposefully and authenticly and that`s why I say forget the rest. To live a life with purpose that comes from your heart is a life well lived – do we really need more?

Remember that it doesn`t mean that you don`t still like and feel passionate about many things. It means that you stop the lifestyle where you chase to get a little part of everything you like and you start focusing on enjoying a BIG time of something you love. It`s about letting go for a bigger purpose and bigger picture.


So, how to know your life philosophy if you haven`t ever even think about it that much?

You find your life philosophy from your life experiences – from your past. Usually, it`s something that has bean hard for you to learn, what has `caused you the pain or struggle. Your life philosophy rises from your life struggles that you have overcome. What is it that you don`t want ever to experience again that was a hard lesson? or what have you learn that you don`t want to pass forward and make sure from your part that people will not suffer for that same thing? Or your life philosophy can be something quite opposite – Did you always had a skill which helped you over hard times? Something that has always continue to bring so much joy to you and others? That can also be your life philosophy. Try to make it clear and short a few sentence is a beautiful job.


Give yourself time to do this. But don`t get caught up perfectionism – don`t make it overly emotional or you can end up not having one at all and that`s not what we want`?

Your life philosophy should also be something that you can call out loud and tell proudly everyone about it. Below you can read my philosophy – it`s all about caring who you are and accepting it. That is something I have overcome in my life. My lesson was to learn to value myself. I would really love to hear yours too. Share it in the comments below or send me a message to my email info@hannelehyyppa.com

So, to make it clearer I give you two examples of my life philosophies they are both true – but you will see that the first one, even if it`s true, is too difficult to make a part of your everyday life and the second one is more specific and easy to put in practice.


First one:
“Care for yourself, care for other people and care about this world beyond ordinary. Slow down to live more meaningful everyday life”


and my primary philosophy which I read every single day:

“Be unapologetically your truest self, be true to your style and enjoy freely beauty and abundant life that you love, take care of your soul, body, and mind. Help others authenticly and willingly whenever you can and be understanding towards them. Be inspired by our differences and never limited because of that”

Never limit yourself when you write your life philosophy. Sometimes it feels so big that it frightens you – but if it doesn’t make you excited it`s probably not your deepest philosophy. After you have made clear sentences write it down and put in a place you can see it every day – read it the first time in the morning so that you remember what you value. When you make decisions read it and reflect your decision with it. Your life philosophy can change in a time when you grow in life as a human, but it`s not something that you change all the time – it`s still always something that remains true to you always even if you decide to focus more something else.



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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and stopping by here! I hope you`ll have a wonderful Summer! <3<3 Hannele

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for stopping by and it`s so nice to hear that you like my post AND photography – Have a great Summer <3<3 Hannele

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  1. I think if it doesn’t frighten you then it’s not big enough. I also agree that you shouldn’t change your decisions or goals or philosophy just because. We should be focused on what we have decided to do and not let anyone or anything change that.

    1. Yes, totally, totally agree with you. That`s where the meaningful life comes from. When we stick to something we also show life that we really care this thing and it will start to flourish. Thank you Shauna and I want to wish you a great Summer! <3<3 Hannele

    1. Thank you so much, Virginia – thanks for reading it and stopping by. Have a super fabulous summer days! <3<3 Hannele

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